Why Get a Bespoke Rug?

There are many reasons people get bespoke rugs. Some do it for the cachet of having an item only they possess, some for purposes of style, and others for more for more personal reasons.

If you’re wondering what motivates people to get custom rugs, here are the most common reasons our own clients come to us and ask for bespoke rugs.



To Tell a Personal Story

Does this sound a bit odd as a reason to get a bespoke rug? It shouldn’t be if you consider that in antiquity, many rugs were used to depict stories of some sort. Ancient Persian carpets and Oriental rugs were filled with narrative designs and symbols. Even now, a lot of rugs still tell tales in their own way, usually those of the people who imagined them into being. That’s actually one of the things we encourage our own customers to think about when doing custom rugs. We remind them that their unique rugs can tell their stories in ways both subtle and dramatic.

To Get the Perfect Fit

One of the best things about getting a custom rug is that you can ensure the ideal fit. Regular rugs aren’t always the right size for the place where you intend to put them, after all. Often, size can also limit the locations where you can put a rug. That can be a problem if you’ve finally found the perfect rug design and material, only to find that it doesn’t have the right size for your needs. Then there’s the matter of shape. This is becoming an
increasingly common concern among homeowners due to the trend for real estate becoming more expensive, and thus, more cramped. Many homes or apartments now have awkward corners or spaces that can be hard to decorate with rugs due to their shapes. A standard area rug won’t fit into such spaces. A custom rug, however, can make the irregularity of your space a positive design feature. It gives you more options in terms of design too, as you can now choose custom rug shapes and sizes to achieve a specific visual effect.

To Get Perfect Colour Matches

Rug buyers will tell you that one of the most difficult things in rug buying is trying to get a perfect colour match between a rug and your decor. Even when you tell a vendor that you want a rug in shades of blue, for instance, there are so many shades of blue that you may still end up with something that’s not quite right. And that’s if you can even find someone carrying rugs in roughly the same colour categories you need. Sometimes, finding a shop that does that can take literal weeks! That’s why it makes sense to spare yourself the trouble by going to a custom rug maker instead. A custom piece can be made in the precise shades you need for your space!

To Get Better Value

People may not see at first when we say that bespoke rugs are good options for value, because they think of them as costly indulgences. But the truth is, bespoke rugs tend to have better value than other rugs. One reason for that is their very nature as customised items. They’re made to suit your specific preferences. In other words, you get better bang for your buck with a custom rug since it’s made expressly to give you what you’d like. You can’t get that with a regular rug, or not normally. There will usually be something you think could be better on a non bespoke rug (whether it’s trim, a colour, etc.), because you had no control over it. That means some of your dollars will go into paying for a feature you’re not crazy about… As opposed custom rugs, where each dollar goes into producing features you want. Besides, if you get a bespoke rug, you can also better ascertain its quality and durability. Both of these factors add to its ability to retain value.

To Confirm Durability

We just stated it in the previous note, but it’s worth emphasising this: bespoke rugs also give you better options when it comes to durability. They may even offer special treatments designed to enhance the sturdiness of your rug. For instance, some rugmakers will use only UV-stabilised textiles for their rugs, to ensure hardiness. That’s why a good bespoke rug can last longer than a regular, mass-market rug.

To Realise the Rug You Truly Want

Finally, there’s this, and it’s probably the most compelling reason to get a bespoke rug: to get the rug of your dreams. This means being able to choose just about everything that goes into it. Materials, colours, patterns, designs, shape… all of those matter. And with a bespoke rug, you can make sure all of them line up with what you actually want. That’s not something you can easily do with a mass-market rug. If this appeals to you, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation or quote! We’re always happy to talk rugs with anyone who’s interested, so contact us anytime.