Ways Soft Furnishings Bring Life to a Home

Have you ever thought about the role study furnishings play in a room?Soft furnishings – items like throws, curtains, rugs, and pillows – are actually responsible for giving spaces the visual feel that we often associate with comfort and home.

To add to that, they can also be responsible for pulling together many other furnishings, giving your decor a truly finished look.

If you’re not sure how that happens, we can show you here.

Today, we’ll talk about the ways you can use soft furnishings to bring life to spaces.



Adding Texture

One of the best ways soft furnishings can improve the look of a space is by adding other textures.

Consider a room dominated by highly polished and smooth surfaces, for instance. Smooth stone walls, smooth floors, minimalist furniture, and so on.

This can actually look too overbearing or may even strike a visual monotone that not many would enjoy.

Adding a new texture here would drastically improve the situation, providing a nice contrast that can enhance the space’s look while also providing relief from the unrelenting uniformity of the smooth surfaces.

A custom made carpet with a fairly deep pile would do a lot to improve the overall texture of the room, for instance.

A woven or shag rug could do the same.

Even the simple, curved lines of the right window treatments and curtains can do this.

Supplying Accents

This is related to the previous point. Soft furnishings can also accent other furnishings, whether by offering a contrast or a complement.

For instance, a room with mostly monochromatic furnishings can benefit from an accent like colourful throws and curtains.

Simply decorated rooms can look amazing with a bold custom carpet design.

Such accents breathe life into the room by infusing them with fresh energy that feeds into the room’s style, bringing out the best in it.

Many of our clients seeking custom rugs in Singapore request designs and colours that accent what they already have, in fact.

They ask us to customise rugs that repeat patterns in their room, for instance, but with different colours or with slight modifications to the shapes.

Or rugs in colours complementing their current furnishings but with new patterns.

Offering Easy Changes

Soft furnishings can also make changing or updating your home’s looks very easy.

That’s because they’re generally easier to move or remove than their hard counterparts.

Consider throw pillows, for instance.You can have several sets of them in different patterns or colours that you can simply rotate in usage.

That can breathe new life into your decor by affording you easy updates. You could change those pillows and some rugs out by season, giving your decor great versatility.

Changing out curtains, rotating rugs in use – all of this can help you avoid boredom with your home’s look and keep it perpetually fresh and alive to your eyes.

Provide Cohesion

Soft furnishings can also help you tie disparate visual notes together at times.

It can take a custom made carpet to bind together a look that seems chaotic otherwise, for instance.

Or the right curtains to make some windows and walls feel less plain.

You can see this in the way it takes the right rug to make a living room set look “finished” sometimes.

Soft furnishings can help fill space and bridge visual gaps without suffocating a room.

That can do a lot to make rooms feel less empty or hollow.

Need Custom Soft Furnishings to Breathe Life into Your Home?

Now that you have an idea of what soft furnishings can do for your decor, you might want to get your hands on some. If so, we can help you there.

Reach out to us and we can help you come up with bespoke rug or carpet designs for your home. These soft furnishings can provide the added touch of comfort and luxury your interiors need.

Contact us and we’ll design and produce the perfect options for your needs!