The Considerations before Buying a Rug

Rugs may seem like afterthoughts when you first start decorating your space, but they play a bigger role than you may think. 

They provide focal points for rooms by binding together the rest of your furnishings, elevating the results of your decoration, and even adding warmth and comfort to an area!

This is why knowing how to choose a rug can be a valuable skill for anyone in interior decor. Fortunately for you, even if you don’t have that skill yet, it’s one you can actually acquire with a little training. 

To that end, we’ve prepared a guide to buying rugs right here. With this, you should learn how to find the very best rugs for your needs in no time!

Rug Size

Every interior decorator will tell you that this is the first thing to think about when figuring out how to choose a rug. It’s because the wrong rug size can make even a great rug fit poorly in a decoration scheme.

As it happens, we’ve already done a guide on how to choose rug sizes. While you can check that out for more details, we can go over the gist of it here too. 

First, different rug sizes are often used for different spaces and purposes. For example, larger rugs are generally used as statement or central pieces in a living room, completing its look.

On the other hand, smaller rugs may be used to break up a single large space into several smaller sections, working with other furniture to assign “sectors” without walls.

On the whole, you need to be aware of what you’re trying to achieve with the rug before settling on a size. Again, just take a look at our guide on the topic if you want to learn more.

Room & Style Compatibility 

Another thing to consider when trying to find the best rugs for your rooms is what style would go best with the existing decor or other decor. 

Decoration is about achieving a balance. Whether it’s through contrast, juxtaposition, repetition, or complementary design, the result should be balanced for aesthetic appeal. 

As a tip, you should consider what interior design style the rest of your decor is going for. Is it traditional? Modern? Eclectic? Scandinavian?

There are rug designs and patterns that match all of these. Modern designs are likely to involve things like abstract shapes and geometric patterns, for instance, which helps you narrow down choices right away. It’s a good way to get started when looking for options.

Material Selection

We noted earlier that rugs can add warmth and comfort to a space. That’s just one of the reasons you need to think carefully about the type of material your rug should have.

Some materials are just naturally more comfortable or appealing in tactile terms than others. Plush rugs are most likely to appeal to those seeking something soft and inviting, as an example, while silk rugs may appeal to those who desire polished opulence. 

But aside from that, the materials used in a rug determine how durable it is and whether or not it’s suitable for a space. The same silk rug that gives a room polished opulence, for instance, isn’t ideal for a room that has high traffic, as silk shows marks easily.

So, when considering materials, think about the room’s purpose as well. Places like hallways and dining rooms need stronger, easier-to-clean materials than places like bedrooms!

Maintenance & Cleaning

This is related to rug materials. All rugs need to be maintained at some point. The reason you need to think about it when choosing a rug is that you have to consider whether or not you can keep up with (or even afford) the maintenance for the rug you’re looking at. 

Depending on their size, value, and materials, some rugs are best maintained by professionals. That means you should consider the cost of that in advance.

And even though most rugs can be maintained with some care by owners, it’s vital to note that the owner still pays a price there in a way: after all, cleaning a rug still consumes precious time! 

Research the ideal process of cleaning and maintaining a rug of the type you’re considering beforehand. It should give you an idea of whether or not it’s a good fit for you as something to keep over the year. 

You can also check out our article on mistakes to avoid when cleaning rugs if you want to learn more!

Personalisation & Customisation

You should also think about whether or not you want personalised rugs. Nowadays, the option of getting custom-made ones is available to most people, which means you can easily get a unique piece to match your individual tastes. 

This may even be the best choice if you have a clear idea of what you want, especially design-wise or style-wise. Bespoke rug makers put you in control in the rug planning process, even if they’re willing to give you advice on it. 

This is also the best option if you don’t want to settle for “good enough”. Having a bespoke rug is often the ultimate way of ensuring the quality you want, as well as the characteristics that you think represent your ideals in a rug.

Find the perfect rug for your space today 

All of the above should have helped you figure out how to get the rug you need. If you happen to need more guidance – or indeed, decide that you’d like a unique and bespoke rug crafted for you – reach out to us at The Rug Maker. 

We can give you a rug consultation to help you make better-informed decisions on which rugs are best for your space. Whether that ends up being a bespoke rug or an already-made one, we’ll help you find the answer to your needs.