The Best Ways to Recycle Your Old Rugs

Have an old or worn-out rug lying around somewhere that you no longer use? There are actually alternatives to letting it take up space in your home or throwing it away, you know.

To be exact, why not give it a new purpose? Recycling old rugs is not only good for the environment, but also a fun and creative way to give new life to old items.

Among other things, you can even use old rugs to refresh your home decor and transform your space. Or turn them into new, functional items for your use!

The sky’s the limit, really, but if you don’t know where to get started, don’t worry. Today, we’ll explore some of the best sustainable ways to recycle your old rugs.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Stylish interior of modern kitchen1. Repurpose them into floor mats 

If your old rug is still in decent condition but you no longer want to use it as a centerpiece in your home, try repurposing it as a floor mat. Try putting it in a place where dirt or moisture often tracks so the rug can trap that instead.

For example, you can use it in your balcony, kitchen, or laundry room to help keep your floors clean. Some people even cut old rugs to resize them for their cars, whether for their car’s floor or boot.

The nice thing about cutting the rug is that you can also repurpose any leftover pieces of it from the cutting. Some people cut old rugs into small pieces that they then use as rags or cleaning wipes, for example.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Cardboard boxes with rolled carpets in room2. Donate them to charity 

This is arguably the easiest and best way to recycle your old rugs. After all, just because you no longer want it doesn’t mean others won’t!

Simply donate the rug to charitable organisations. Or you could ask around in case anyone you know actually needs or wants the rug! For all you know, some of your friends or family members may be interested.

However, please ensure that the rugs you donate are still usable. If the rugs are already about to fall apart, you’re technically just giving someone something they’ll have to throw away soon too.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Korean Style Strawberry Milk in a Glass with Cork Coaster3. Make a cut-out tea coaster or mug rug

We already talked about the possibilities from cutting up rugs. Well, here’s another creative way to repurpose rugs by doing that!

A lot of rugs can hold moisture very well and are great at protecting surfaces from contact with hard objects. Remember that the latter is one of the things they were designed to do for your floors, after all!

That means they can easily do the same for your tables. To be exact, rugs can be cut into smaller pieces as coasters or placemats that protect your tabletops from spills and scratches.

Of course, this works best on rugs with fairly low pile, as some denser rugs can present an uneven surface that may cause teacups to tilt a little. Test some cups or mugs on the rug to see!

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_a cozy picnic in nature, in the park, a summer picnic in the countryside4. Use them as picnic or beach blankets 

Did you know that some rugs can actually serve you quite well as beach mats? Seriously – old rugs can be great for outdoor activities like picnics or days at the beach.

In the same way, you can take old rugs with you on your picnics. They may even be better than some picnic blankets if the rugs you choose offer enough density for added cushioning.

Naturally, you don’t want to bring super-heavy rugs for this, though. Just trying to roll a heavy rug up and carrying it on your shoulder may give you a run for your money!

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Modern room concept interior style5. Use them for your DIY pieces 

Are you one of the creative types able to craft your own accessories from various materials? Well, here’s your chance: take that old rug and try to make something new out of it.

For example, some rugs can be cut and stitched into new items like bags. That’s a killer way to upcycle something you thought you’d never use again!

Or you can even make the rug look like a new one by painting it. For best results, you should try to go with a textile dye, but normal paint will do as well if the rug doesn’t have a deep pile.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Dog hugs a cat under the rug at home6. Make a cosy pet bed with them

If you have furry friends in the house, pet beds are among the best examples of repurposed items made from rugs. Just get your old rug, clean it, then put it in your pet’s sleeping corner or crate.

Some people also cut up old rugs into cosy liners for their pets’ houses or kennels. Either way, your pets will very likely love the rug. Dogs will adore the warmth of it and cats will very likely turn it into a new scratcher!

Looking for a replacement for your old rug?

After repurposing your old rug, of course, you’ll need a replacement for it. Luckily for you, we can create the perfect one. 

At The Rug Maker, we specialise in crafting bespoke rugs that suit their owners’ individual preferences and needs. In short, we can make a new rug that’s everything you ever wanted your previous rugs to be.

If you’re interested in that, contact us. We can design and make your own custom rug for your first home… and even give you more decor tips along the way!