Pros & Cons of Decorating the Nursery with a Rug

Are you thinking of adding custom rugs to your nursery room decor? Or perhaps you saw a rug in a shop that you think would be a great addition to the baby’s room?

Either way, you can rest easy in the fact that putting rugs in nurseries is far from strange. In fact, many have done it for years.

As with many other things, though, there are upsides and downsides to this.

If you need some help deciding whether or not to go for it, we’ll help you out. Here, we’ll go over the pros and cons of adding rugs to your baby room decor.

Con: If the rug doesn’t grip the floor well, it can be a hazard.

Let’s begin with one of the potential downsides. If a rug isn’t capable of staying put on the nursery floor, you probably shouldn’t put it in there.

That’s because it can turn into a hazard for you when you walk around the nursery, and that’s obviously not ideal.

Fortunately, you can easily tell if a rug is going to be a problem in this area. 

Very light rugs usually aren’t advisable, especially if they don’t have backing that grips the floor. Rugs made of light and smooth or glossy materials are often the same.

That being said, there are ways to counteract this. You can use double-sided tape to stick some rugs to a hard floor. 

And of course, if your nursery is carpeted, even a light and small rug won’t move around on it much.


Pro: It can help protect your baby once he or she starts crawling around

On the other hand, rugs can actually enhance safety in some ways if you add them to nursery room decor.

For instance, rugs provide an added cushion for your baby once you start taking him out of the crib to toddle or crawl around. If he does happen to stumble a little, the rug should help soften the knock and reduce the risk of injury.

Moreover, some rug textures can actually improve your footing. We’ve actually had clients who got custom rugs for their baby room decor say so! 

Essentially, as long as the rug is stable, it can help you avoid slipping in the nursery.

Con: It can be hard to keep clean

Nurseries aren’t always the easiest places to keep clean… for obvious reasons. 

That means floor furnishings – some might say all furnishings – that go in a nursery are basically going to get something splashed on them at some point.

That’s why putting a rug in a nursery can be a headache, depending on the rug.

If you choose one that’s difficult to clean, you’ll probably wear yourself out pretty quickly with its maintenance.

The same goes if you choose one that’s white. That’s just going to drive you mad if you like things to look spotless!

Pro: It can make the room more attractive and save your floor or carpet

However, rugs in the nursery can be good ideas too if you ensure you pick something easy to maintain.

Moreover, they can protect other things. For instance, if you have a carpet in there, a big rug can act as a shield and take all the splashes and stains instead – which is fine since most rugs are easier to wash than a carpet.

A rug can save your flooring too if you’re prone to knocking over things. Hardwood flooring can get nicked and scratched – a rug can save it from such damage.

Con: Some rugs may be made of synthetic materials prone to off-gassing

Here’s another issue you may run into if you choose synthetic-material rugs.

Many synthetic materials release unpleasant chemicals that aren’t great for your health when you breathe them in.

That’s why you have to take care not to pick rugs for the nursery room decor that use materials known for off-gassing.

Our advice here is to use only organic-material rugs. Our custom rugs are generally made of the highest-quality organic material for that reason.

Pro: It can offer tactile stimulation to your little one

Finally, rugs can offer amazing tactile input for your baby’s senses. You can play on the rug with him or let him crawl over it when he’s old enough – assuming you’ve kept the rug clean, of course.

Rich textures can stimulate developing minds. The softest rugs can also help add to the feeling of comfort for your baby.

Need help finding a rug for your nursery?

If you can’t find the ideal rug for your baby’s room, drop us a line!

We can help you visualise the perfect rug for your nursery and can even come up with several designs based on your specifications.

Our designers can collaborate with you to ensure everything is just as you need, from materials to looks and even shape and size. We’ve worked with many other parents for such rugs, after all.

So, feel free to contact us for assistance in coming up with a custom rug for your little one’s room.