The Rug Maker

Custom Rug Consultation

When you customize a rug with The Rug Maker, you want an exclusive rug that will bring out your personality in your space. You seek style and comfort. That's where we come in: to provide our expertise in combining the two.

Each rug we make is a piece of art. To ensure yours is the artwork you've always wanted, we employ a consultation process that takes into account the space available, materials desired, timeline, and more.

It's a process that's been refined over years of advising clients throughout the whole production process, helping them bring their dream rugs to life.


The Consultation Process

We start with the design. You can use your own, provide references, or even conceptualise it from scratch with us. It could be based on an image that caught your eye on the Internet or something that sparked to life entirely from your imagination.

We run through the following points at this stage as well: the desired size, the ideal design based on the layout and space available, the way the result will relate to the furniture in your room, and so on. This ensures cohesion in your decor.

To help us customise your rug most effectively, the following information would come in handy:

  • Desired rug dimension/measurement
  • (Or, if you cannot decide on what size is best) Room dimension/measurement
  • Photos of your space with accompanying furniture
  • Preferred colour scheme
  • Preferred design theme (with images as references if you have any)

Choosing the Material & Make

We also take you through an array of choices for materials. Like art, rugs use a variety of materials to bring out the effect of the design. These materials are also selected based on your desired comfort and feel.

You can choose from organic or synthetic, handmade or machine-made materials. Organic materials include NZ wool, bamboo silk and pure silk, all of which are renowned for their durability and low carbon footprint. We also produce rugs in synthetic materials such as art silk (viscose) and acrylic.

These materials can be combined in a rug for a specific feel or look. We can even do home consultations if you require, to assess your space and offer professional advice and style suggestions.


Design Drafting Stage

Once initial consultation and all details are confirmed, we need two to five days to produce several design options for you to choose from. From there, we can continue adjusting or altering the design as needed. It is important to us to achieve the designs you most desire.

The Production Process

Once design is finalised, we'll commence on construction of your rug. This stage doesn't begin unless you're completely satisfied with the plans for your custom rug. Depending on the complexity of the rug, the total amount of time necessary for production may vary. We’ll advise you on the timeline, of course.

Note all you have to do is sit back and wait. Your very own personalised rug will be delivered to you once done.