Custom Rug Consultation

When you customize a rug with The Rug Maker, you want an exclusive rug that would bring out your personality in your space. You are seeking for style and comfort and that is where we come in to provide our expertise in combining both elements.

Each rug is like an artwork. It can be conceptualized with us or you can use your own design. It could be one that caught your eye on the internet or sparked from your imagination. To help us customize your rug most effectively, the following information would come in handy:

  • Desired rug dimension/measurement
  • (Or if you cannot decide on what size is best,) room dimension/measurement
  • Photos of your space with accompanying furniture
  • Preferred colour scheme
  • Preferred design theme (with images as references if you have any)

Kindly allow a time frame of two to five days as we produce two or three design options, from which you will select the design you fancy most and make alterations if need be. It is important to us to achieve the designs you most desire.

Like art, rugs utilize a variety of materials to bring out the effect of the art piece. These materials are also selected based on your desired type of comfort and feel. We highly recommend the use of natural materials such NZ wool, bamboo silk and pure silk for their durability and low carbon foot print. We also produce rugs in synthetic material such as, art silk (viscose) and acrylic. These materials can be combined in a rug to bring out particular effects of your rug design. We also carry sisal rugs that we import from Belgium; as well as paper rugs from Finland.

After selecting your design and material, a confirmation will be made and your order will be on its way!

We can do home consultations if you require, to assess your space and offer professional advice and style suggestions.