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In collaboration with design collective Outofstock – after two years of fieldwork, research and production – The Tropicals is the new collection of The Rug Maker launched in Maison & Objet Asia 2016. This rug collection epitomises the sense of wonder that nature ignites when we bring a lens to the micro beauty of flora and fauna in the equatorial forest.



Inspired by the beauty and power of fire, this rug’s bright and bold hues dance like flames on its surface. The gradients suggest the depths of a blaze as it flares and flickers, offering an illusion of perpetual motion. What you get is an energetic rug that brings untamed and sensuous warmth to any space.



Mottling is oft-seen in flora and fauna, and this rug pays homage to the pattern in abstract style. Delicate dapples of rose spread out over the piece, joined by an assertive touch of green that harks back to the rug’s botanical origins. This is a rug both organic and soothing in its appeal. With it, you can bring nature indoors through a modern visual narrative.



This rug was modelled after the venation on leaves and the many natural lines you see in vegetation. Done in a handsome arboreal green, this piece also has a touch of warmth to suggest the approach of autumn. There's something reminiscent of an enchanted forest in this rug, especially since being on it feels like walking on a massive and velvety leaf out of the land of giants.



Bark is for those who want texture in their rugs, with its stunning emulation of an aged tree's shell. It has stippled, broken greys and browns with touches of white. These come together with pollen-like specks in an elegant and textural feast for the eyes.



Striations, layers, and lines are all common in the natural world. We took inspiration from that to create Lines, whose deceptively simple look masks fascinating complexity. Like onions and green stalks with repeating layers, this rug offers ever more depths to the curious viewer the longer he studies it.



Petals on a bed of ferns and leaves, bright floral sap staining everywhere. Flushing is an abstract piece inspired by the colours and finishes of nature. Every line is taken from a natural inspiration and a closer look at the organic designs of the world around us, resulting in a striking rug that could easily serve as the centrepiece for any room.

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