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Our very first ever collection, Into The Rabbit Hole was our attempt to take people on a journey while offering a taste of what we think to be the future in customised designer rugs. In it, the rabbit hole is a conceptual path thought to lead to the true nature of reality.

Usually, venturing into the rabbit hole means leaving a comfort zone for a portal into a magical and whimsical world. In the same way, Alice ended up in Wonderland, a realm of pure fantasy and strangeness, after going down her rabbit hole in the classic children’s book.

Yet choosing to go into the rabbit hole can be worthwhile, with its surprises and the changes that come from it. Come and venture into the rabbit hole with us to discover the unexpected!


A spiraling array of colours, Vortex starts our descent into the rabbit hole with animated geometry. The bright colours signify the magical and whimsical world we are about to enter, all while withholding that last clue of what’s to come by leading to a pure white centre.


Entering this new world, little is known. Understanding this new world is a challenging task, but it’s one worth making.

Obscura brings you that sense of mystery and befuddlement with rings radiating and overlapping with each other. Subtle textures and faint lines trace the path but remain tantalisingly strange, leading you round in circles instead of a clear destination.


There are rules to follow in this new world. Much is already fixed in place but there must be room for flexibility.
Inspired in part by the chess board in Through the Looking-Glass, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, Adamant offers a complex variation on the chequerboard. The hexagons and rhombus patterns offer a sense of the pieces too that go into forming this world.


Conict rages within, between ideals and realities. Discord represents that in lively, unique shapes that seem to utter about and against each other even as you view them. Discord is several ocks of birds running into each other’s paths.


After deliberation, a bridge between ideals and realities begins to form. New, less jagged shapes coalesce, and colours start to smooth out into a gradient, showing the moments before a new harmony sets in.
Clipse is Discord’s more relaxed, less conicted sibling. It’s where new connections between molecules form, where agreement crystallises and conquers

Descending down a spiraling path, Gyre takes you down yet another enigmatic path. Streaks of faint colour and texture hint at the movement and the vortex you enter, but keep you fascinated as well so that you continue down the trail. Whether what waits at the end is a Jabberwock or not, however… you’ll have to discover for yourself.


With this, a world with infinite possibilities has just begun. Myriad is the expression of those possibilities, with its seemingly ceaseless cascade of portals to new options. Hundreds of windows to new futures or doors to new realms - Myriad is about possibility and freedom.

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