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Asia is home to a rich tradition in textiles and patterns. In these traditional textiles, the interaction of the pattern with the technique of production creates stunning distinctive expressions.

Abstraction, repetition and geometry play very strong roles in classic Asian textile rug design. It is these qualities that are explored in contemporary form in the Corak Collection.

The collection is designed by lifestyle brand WOHAbeing (a spin-off of Singapore-based award-winning architecture practice WOHA) and produced by The Rug Maker. These come in signed and numbered limited editions of 15.



The Lapis Rug draws together several elements we love about our district in Singapore.

The name Lapis is a Malay word that refers to the layers used in the design, a similar style we used in our other project, the PARKROYAL on Pickering.

The design has pointed motifs taken from the sampans on the Singapore River. It’s also constructed of wool and bamboo, silk dyed in the colours of saffron, turmeric, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon from the spice traders on our street.

The rug is crafted from alternating rows of cut and carved bamboo silk and looped wool.



The Lapis Rug draws together several elements we love about our district in Singapore.

The Lautan Rug interprets the sea of Uluwatu, with sparkling lines of white and pale blue interwoven through waves of intense blues and aquamarines.

The rug is crafted from hand-tufted wool in carved cut yarn with the ripples in looped viscose. The result is a unique texture reminiscent of the actual ocean in all its fluid, dynamic glory.



This rug was inspired by the act of wandering through shallow water looking for seashells. It’s about ripples, starfish, seaweed, mysterious tracks on the beach and the sand between your toes.

The rug is crafted from hand-tufted wool in warm greys in cut yarn with carving. This is combined with bamboo silk loop with tip shearing, with the shells and seaweed elements in pink, brown and green viscose.



The Rimba Rug evokes the lush, dense rainforest of Bintan island, where the forest makes a wall of leaves along the edge of the beach. Cool and botanical, it can provide a verdant focal point for any room.

The design uses an interlocking design of dark and light leaf motifs that trace a meandering path across the surface of the rug. The rug is crafted from hand-tufted bamboo silk in vibrant dark greens in cut yarn, with pale greens and greys in looped yarn.


The Ulu rug interprets the bead motif from Alila Villas Uluwatu as an intricate chessboard interwoven with a single wavy line of shimmering blue. While at first the design looks simple, the underlying complex geometry gives it unique depth.

The rug is crafted from hand-tufted bamboo silk in brown, moss green, and warm greys using random tip shearing to create a soft, nubbly finish. The wandering line is done in a pale cobalt viscose.

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