Ordinary Rugs vs. Bespoke Rugs: What’s the Difference?

Are you interested in getting a custom-made rug in Singapore?

Well, if you’ve ever considered the idea, one of the first things you probably wondered about is what sets custom rugs apart from normal ones.

Custom rugs differ from ordinary ones in a number of ways. Here, we’ll go over the most significant of those distinctions.

1. Custom made rugs are designed for a specific recipient

This is the most obvious point of difference, so it’s certainly the first one we should cover.

Ordinary rugs aren’t designed for a single person. The people who design them don’t have a single and specific individual in mind when they create these rugs.

They may have an idea of what sorts of people will want the design they’re creating, but it’s a generalisation – a type, if you will.

By contrast, a bespoke rug is always made for a specific person. It’s designed to meet the precise preferences and requirements of that particular individual alone. That’s why it’s called bespoke!


2. Customised rugs are unique

This arises naturally from the fact that they’re designed for a specific person.

Just as individuals’ preferences are unique to them, the products made to suit those preferences are obviously unique too.

It’s true of any bespoke floor decoration, whether it’s a custom hallway runner or something like a custom handmade woollen carpet.

Because only one of it exists, it’s obviously more valuable than an object that has been replicated multiple times – like an ordinary rug.

Ordinary rugs may start off from a single design, but that design is used to produce more than one rug. 

Hence you can have a rug that looks and feels exactly like the rug in, say, your neighbour’s home. That would never happen with a bespoke rug.


3. Bespoke rugs tend to be made of higher-quality materials

The reasoning behind this is pretty simple. First, people who want custom rugs usually want it to be special in more ways than one.

This is tied to the fact that it naturally costs more to produce a custom rug: it has to be done by hand because the process generally can’t be automated. It wouldn’t be cost-effective to do so for just one specimen of a product.

So, there’s already a price premium on bespoke rugs from the start. That’s another point of difference, actually!

It only makes sense that those seeking custom made rugs in Singapore would go ahead and add further value to the rugs by requesting higher-quality materials, as they can actually control that factor of production. 

You can’t do that with ordinary rugs – with ordinary rugs, you take what you get. Ordinary rug manufacturers are perfectly at liberty to cut a few corners in material quality to bring down costs and increase their bottom line… and many do.

This may well relate to the next point, by the way.


4. Bespoke rugs are usually more durable than ordinary ones

Customised rugs are often more durable than ordinary ones for a number of reasons.

Sometimes, it’s due to the manufacturing process itself. Some techniques for hand-making rugs yield sturdier products than their machine-reliant counterparts.

This may not always be true, of course. But speaking for ourselves, many clients who had woven rugs custom made for them in our workshops actually told us later on that our rugs were more durable than their ordinary rugs.

That said, there are other factors that may come into play here.

As we said earlier, quality of materials may be responsible for that difference in sturdiness too.

And the fact that bespoke rugs are often planned and designed for a very specific use-case or traffic situation tends to ensure they live through actual use better.


Should you get a bespoke or ordinary rug?

If you want the best rug you can get and are willing to pay to have one designed to meet your precise, unique preferences, get a custom rug. Otherwise, an ordinary rug should do fine.

Should you decide that a custom made rug is what you need, feel free to contact us for help. We’ve designed and produced many such rugs for our clients all over Singapore.

Simply reach out and tell us what you want for your rug. We’d be happy to discuss the matter with you and even help you figure out what’s best for your bespoke rug.