How To Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cosy

Putting together a home that makes our guests feel welcomed and comfortable upon walking through the door is easier than you think!

And no, it doesn’t require spending thousands of dollars in renovations. It can be as simple as switching up some interior decor pieces and adding a bit of texture to each room. 

Not sure how and where to start yourself? We’ve compiled a list of basic interior detector tips to make your home feel cosy and inviting without breaking the bank. 

Fair warning, though, following these tips may make your guests never want to leave!

1. Start with the entrance

Never underestimate the power of your front door! It’s the area that greets your guests and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who enters your home. 

Whether you have a small or large doorway, we recommend spending some extra time decorating your entrance. You can try adding lights or hanging up decorative art pieces that can draw your guests’ attention. 

A “welcome” doormat may sound cliche, but it can be an accent piece that gives a warm, inviting feeling.

To make your entryway even more welcoming, place a big, leafy plant right next to the front door or somewhere visible upon entering.

2. Add a statement piece

A statement piece is what catches and hooks your guests’ attention upon entering your home or room. It can be anything bold or flashy that stands out to the eyes, from sofas and centre tables to bespoke rugs and wall paintings. 

If picked right, a statement piece can be an excellent conversation starter because it will be the first thing that your guests notice. 

Adding a statement piece makes your home more interesting and intriguing and may encourage visitors to stay longer and explore the space further. 

3. Clear the pathway

Maybe you don’t mind carrying a piece of furniture out of the way to get to the dining table or another room, but guests would feel more comfortable in a space where it’s easy to roam around.

The goal should be to explore your home conveniently and without bumping into anything!

In Singapore, where most apartments are tight in space, clearing the pathway can be a challenge, but the secret is not to squeeze oversized furniture in a tiny studio apartment, obviously. 

As the saying goes, less is more (especially when it comes to interior decors).

4. Be generous with indoor plants

Is there a presence of foliage in your home? If not, now’s the right time to consider getting some houseplants!

There may be no better way to make a space more vibrant and relaxing than by adding some greenery. Besides breathing life into a room, indoor plants can help purify indoor air and rid your home of toxins, creating a healthier space for you and your family. 

Some homeowners may not like the idea of houseplants due to the effort and time that comes with them, but not all indoor plants require high maintenance. Succulents, eucalyptus, hydrangea and lavender are some examples of zero-effort houseplants!

5. Pile up on soft textures

Is your living area made with hardwood floors? Adding a large bespoke rug will instantly warm up the space!

From the dining area to the master’s bedroom, there’s not a single space inside your home that won’t benefit from a gorgeous area rug. Apart from tying the room together, area rugs can clean indoor air circulation too. 

That’s because rugs act as a filter that traps dust and allergens, helping you breathe cleaner and fresher air while indoors. 

Other soft textures worth adding to your home are blankets, throw pillows, and plush bath mats. These can soften straight and harsh lines inside your home, making it feel calmer and more welcoming.

6. Use the right lighting

There’s perhaps nothing more crucial than lighting to make a home feel more cosy and warm!

Choosing the wrong lighting can make a space seem cold and uninviting, which is the last thing that you want your guests to feel.  So stay away from fluorescent overhead lighting as it triggers irritation.

A simple layering of light sources can completely alter the mood of a room, making it feel more warm and welcoming. 

While nothing beats the warmth of natural lighting, adding string lights, table lamps, and even candles can make a space feel more relaxing!

7. Reduce clutter

An element of a cosy and comfortable home that you’d want to come home to at the end of a tiring day is a clutter-free and organised space. 

Clutter isn’t only distracting, but it’s also overwhelming to look at. Getting rid of clutter in a single day may be impossible for some, so spend a few minutes each day clearing main rooms and surfaces. 

Soon enough, this will make a huge difference in how you feel when you’re spending time in your home.

A welcoming and comfortable home

Turning our home into a warm and inviting space doesn’t need to cost a lot of money! 

More often than not, learning how to pick the right lighting and making decluttering a habit is enough to create a welcoming space for us, our family, and our guests!

If you’re interested in adding a custom rug to your space, feel free to get in touch with us! We can design one just for your space and give you more decor tips along the way!