How to Decorate Small Homes

Decorating small homes can be a big challenge, especially since you have to balance so many considerations.

For one thing, you need to ensure that all of your furniture and necessities actually fit into that small space.

Then you also have to do that without making it impossible to move or rendering the area claustrophobic.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tricks you can try when working out home decor for a small house. 

Here, we’ll go over our favourites to help you out!

1. Use light colours in conjunction with lighting.

One of the most important interior decor tips for small spaces is to make light your friend.

Darkness actually adds to the closed-in feeling of an area. Light tends to give it a more expansive look and feel, on the other hand.

That’s why painting your walls a light colour can do a lot to make your home look larger.

It tricks the eye by making walls harder to identify as definite “barricades” or “ends” to the vision. 

Dark spots act like terminal points for our perception of space, after all. As such, make sure you fill as much of your home with light as possible.


2. Put mirrors and reflective surfaces in strategic places.

This is a tried and tested technique for visually expanding an area. They bounce light and trick the eye into seeing “an extension of space” that isn’t really there.

We love putting mirrors and reflective wall decorations in more closed-in, small sections of the home in particular.

For instance, tiny alcoves, the ends of stairways, and bathrooms all tend to feel airier with a shiny tile wall or mirror.

3. Size your furniture appropriately

We say this because we see a lot of people making the mistake of buying “traditional” furniture that goes better in large homes than small ones.

But really, there’s no reason you should stick to massive, rectangular dining tables, is there? Why can’t you have a charming round one with ornate legs for an old-fashioned European feel instead?

Or you shouldn’t feel compelled to have a huge, three-section couch set in your living room if more compact seating works better.

Think carefully about how to make the most use of your space when buying furniture. 

Smart interior decor isn’t about knuckling under to the trends and conventions. You don’t have to subscribe to tradition if it won’t work for you.

4. Use your walls whenever possible.

There’s a fine line between putting too much and just enough on your walls.

But generally, as long as it doesn’t make the space look too cluttered, go ahead and use them!

Walls tend to be overlooked by novice decorators. But they can do a lot to relieve your need for space in certain areas.

For example, if you have a big TV in your living room, it’s best to mount it so you can do away with a big entertainment console.

The same goes for those pressed for space in the study: you can mount your computer monitor to save space on your desk.

You can also put up shelves for storage to further clear space. And don’t forget that this offers you more chances for decoration, as some items – like books – can serve as decor too.

5. Look for multifunctional furniture.

Why pick furniture that serves only one purpose when you can get ones that do double duty?

From couches that turn into pull-out beds to seats that can also become end-tables, there’s a lot of space-saving furniture out there.

This lets you do away with the need to buy and store one object to serve each purpose.

6. Try customised items that suit your space and its unique challenges.

One of the best home decor tips we can offer to those with small spaces is to check out bespoke items.

These items can be designed and crafted specifically to address both your space and function needs.

For instance, you can get bespoke storage made to suit your house’s dimensions. The same is true of custom furniture or table sets that are sized specifically for your small dining room.

You can even get a custom-made rug that’s designed not only to suit a room’s size and shape but also to trick the eye into thinking the space is wider than it is.

In fact, some of our clients have asked for such rugs, which we can also do up for you should you be interested.

In any case, the point is that custom furnishings let you get what you want and need without having to compromise.

Want more ideas on decorating small homes?

There are many more possibilities for decorating small homes, of course. 

Should you want more tips, simply keep an eye on our blog, as we regularly post advice here on how to decorate various spaces.

And if you have ideas to share, go ahead and reach out to us!

You can also contact us if you’re interested in custom-made rugs in particular, as we can make them for you upon request.

Reach out to us and let us know what you need so we can make it happen!