Easy way to spruce up your holiday home decor

It’s the holidays again – which means it’s time to set up for possibly dozens of visits from loved ones, cosy moments by the tree, and a chaotic family reunion or two. Tell us – do you think your home’s ready? 

If not, don’t fret. We’re here to help you create the perfect warm and inviting atmosphere for the upcoming festivities!

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Interior of living room with sofa, Christmas tree and table

1. Quick & Festive Decor Ideas 

The best thing about festive decor is that it can be marvellously easy to spread around the house. If you’re pressed for time, you can even do it by simply incorporating a few holiday-themed items into your current decor! 

One of the best examples is the humble throw pillow. Just replace your usual throw pillows with Christmas-themed ones, perhaps in the traditional red, green, and white. Or use pillows that have motifs like snowflakes, reindeer, and the like. 

The same thing can be done with blankets, by the way. Toss a nice knitted blanket in red and green over the back of a couch and you’ll be surprised by how quickly it changes the look of the room. 

Other ideas to consider are festive centerpieces for dining and coffee tables, holiday-themed curtains, and mini Christmas trees!

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Cozy bedroom in light warm colors with winter Christmas decorations

2. Creative Lighting Solutions

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone – after all, Christmas lights have long been a part of the decor for this holiday. In fact, some people take such pains to set theirs up that they become attractions in their own right!

Now, you don’t need to take things to that level. There’s no point in setting up your own Christmas-light ship unless you’re responsible for the displays at Gardens by the Bay or something to that effect. Instead, aim for something that captures your style.

You can do something restrained and elegant with monochromatic golden lights, for example. Or you can string up lights in multiple colours for a whimsical touch.

If you want something more convenient and personalisable, maybe consider getting smart LED string lights. A lot can be programmed for specific lighting schedules, aside from offering no end of colour combinations, but they do cost a bit more than traditional string lights.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Handmade Christmas Honeycomb ball made from white und brown coffee filter in girl hands

3. Personalised Ornaments & Decorations

Another way to further personalise your holiday decor is to actually craft some ornaments yourself. This can be a splendid way to truly make your holiday home yours. 

Start with something like personalised stockings for the family, for instance. Or try making Christmas tree decorations with things like paints, construction paper, glossy fabrics and ribbons, and the like. 

You can even get the kids to join the fun – paper snowflakes are popular holiday projects for children, for example. This is the perfect chance to unleash your family’s creativity and add your personal flair to your home.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Interior design of warm dinning room interior with christmas table

4. Themed Colour Schemes

We already suggested something like this earlier: basically, an easy way of redecorating for the holidays is to use cohesive holiday colour palettes for the changes. Red, green, and white are excellent options for Christmas, as we said before, along with teal and white.

You can try looking up popular colour palettes for the holiday online to get a sense of what each one looks like. A good idea here is to set those palettes against what you already have in your decor. Get a tablet, open a palette on it, and then hold it up while looking at your existing decor behind it. 

What’s the purpose of doing this? Simply to help you find palettes that won’t require you to get rid of or replace too many things in your current decor. It’s a great way to get options that look great but require less fuss!

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Cozy decor in gray-green tones in the interior of the Christmas room

5. Appropriate Customised Elements

This is arguably an extension of the tip about making your own decorations – the only difference is that you won’t be making these yourself. The idea behind this type of customised decor is that professionals make it with your input instead.

Why is this a good holiday decor idea? Because it’s technically easy (you don’t do the crafting yourself), allows you to make your spaces look festive enough for gatherings, and – depending on the item’s design – can even match holiday colours (see our previous tip!).

For example, we have a fair number of clients who ask for a lot of red shades in their custom rugs. These same rugs can very easily fit in a Christmas-decor setting thanks to that!

Let us help you put together your own bespoke piece of decor

If you like the last tip, we can help with that. Reach out to us about getting your own custom rug, possibly in time for the holidays, and let us help you complete the look you’re aiming for. 

We can discuss everything you may want and need in a consultation, from colours and materials to shape and design. If you’re interested in figuring out what’s best for you now, reach out to The Rug Maker.