Choosing the Perfect Nursery Rug for Your Little One

When it comes to nursery furnishings, the rug is one thing you should be very careful with. What would be perfect in many other rooms might not work here – that splendid silk rug in your bedroom may not be ideal in the baby’s room, for example. 

If you’re not sure how to go about choosing the right rug for your little one’s room, have no fear. We’re here to show you how to do it by taking you through the top considerations one by one.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Round pink rug on floor in children_s room, above view

Nursery Rug Materials & Construction

Let’s start with the nursery rug’s materials. Generally, you want to pick a rug material that adds not just style to the room but also warmth and comfort. 

For things like that, cotton and wool are often best. Comfortable and often pleasing to touch, they’re also made of natural fibres and relatively easy to keep clean. Depending on the size and construction of the rug, you can even throw a fair number of cotton or wool ones into the washer!

If you want something especially durable, though, choose wool. It will cost more than cotton but it’s also one of the hardiest rug materials despite being one of the softest. 

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Rustic rug in stylish baby bedroom with grey and vintage furniture

Colours and Coordination with Nursery Themes

In this area, the easy way to do it is to look at your existing nursery decor. What’s the theme? What colours are dominant? What feel are you aiming for?

Usually, people go for soft colours and calming patterns with their nursery decor. If this applies to you, simply look for a rug done in colours that align with that. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a neutral nursery rug, or one done in colours like white, grey, and beige. These colours can easily match just about any other colour set, making them superb options when you can’t make up your mind about what colour to get!

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Shot of a cosy spacious nursery full of light

Size and Placement of the Rug

Now, we’ve talked about how to size rugs for different rooms in your home before. Similar rules apply even here – specifically, that you should start by figuring out your ideal rug placement in the nursery. Just under the crib? In the middle of the room? In the nursing corner?

If you’re using it as an area rug, like most people, you should pick one that means the rug is large enough to anchor or connect the main items of furniture in the room. This is a great way to tie everything together and give your decor a cohesive look and feel. 

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Baby having a change of diaper

Future Maintenance and Durability

One of the things you always have to think about when you’re decorating a baby’s room is what sort of maintenance the furnishing will require. Babies aren’t clean. They burp, soil themselves, spill food – and all of this happens daily.

That’s why we said you shouldn’t even think of putting that beloved silk rug in the nursery. It will be covered in stains in a heartbeat. No, you want something that can hold up well against things like spills and repeated cleaning or even abuse once your child starts toddling about. 

To that end, we recommend rugs with shorter piles. Steer clear of ones like shaggy rugs – they’ll pick up a lot of grime and require more maintenance on your part. 

Choose compact, tightly woven construction as well. Again, that makes the rug easier to clean, more durable, and more likely to withstand foot traffic or heavy play without deforming.

Get the perfect nursery rug custom-made for your baby’s room

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when trying to get a nursery rug. If you feel like it’s nearly impossible to find the perfect one for your needs, there’s a solution: get a bespoke one made for your nursery!

At The Rug Maker, for example, we can not only accommodate virtually all of your specific requirements but also walk you through every step of the process. We can guide you in choosing sizes, selecting materials, and even drafting design. and We can even do room inspections to help us better match the design to your decor!

In short, no matter what you want, whether it’s a round nursery rug in wool or a square one in some other material, we can work to make it happen. If you’re interested in figuring out what’s best for you, reach out to us at The Rug Maker.