How to Choose a Rug for Your Shop Space

Did you know that adding a rug to your shop can be a great way to liven up the space? 

It can bind together your establishment’s decor, give the place a more inviting feel, and even help customers relax by giving them a soft and potentially quieter surface to tread than unyielding floors.

But if you’ve never chosen a rug for your shop space, you may not know what to look for to achieve such effects. 

That’s all right, because we’ll help you out with that today. Here, we’ll go over the things to consider when choosing a rug for your shop space.

Whether you’re leaning more towards a custom made rug for your store or mass-produced rugs in Singapore, we’ll help you determine how to get the right one.

What look are you aiming for?

Typically, business owners already have a look they want for their brand or store. It could be modern and minimal, bohemian or even baroque!

What you should do is identify key points of your visual branding.

You can also look around your store: what does it look like? What themes or time periods does it evoke?

Use those clues to narrow down your rug search.

If you’re looking for mass-produced rugs on an online shop, for instance, you can try to check if the shop has filters based on design parameters. Some of them will offer filters such as “classic”, “modern”, and so on. 

Aim for something that will genuinely enhance the existing space given your current interior decor

For example, if you have patterns on the walls, it may be best to either get a rug that echoes those patterns or one that offers a solid colour without a busy design, to avoid overwhelming customers.

If you put together something good-looking, chances are more people will enter your store, which gives you more chances for profit!

Do you need the rug to do more than look good?

Yes, this question matters. Shop owners tend to have a lot of reasons for buying rugs beyond making their establishments look better.

For instance, some shop owners want area rugs to divide their store space without using walls.

Rugs offer a really efficient way of sectioning a large open space without having to put up barricades. 

In this case, though, you would need to think carefully about the shape and size of the rug. You want the shape to match the section you’re creating and you want the size to be appropriate for your subdivision.

If it’s too small, customers may never even notice it, which means they won’t notice the “division” you wanted to create. This can play havoc with your floor plan or the way you want customers to navigate your store!

Some store owners also use them to muffle footsteps in a store, which may be helpful if your flooring tends to be noisy.

Another possibility is that you want the rug to protect flooring in a particularly high-traffic area of the store, in which case you’d probably need to look for a sturdy rug.

We’ll go over the matter of materials next, but for now, suffice it to say that it’s vital to ask yourself what the rug needs to do for you. That way, you can further narrow down your options to those that actually fit that purpose.

Are there any specific considerations in terms of durability?

Generally, rugs in stores need to be tough. They see a lot of traffic, which means they need to stand up very well to abuse. 

That being said, you may also intend to use them more as parts of a showpiece that no one actually comes near. In that case, you may not need such hard-wearing materials for your rug.

Either way, it’s good to determine that before looking for rugs in Singapore, as it can help you pick the ones that can last longest in your shop.

Our advice here is to ask your rug vendor or maker what materials he can suggest for your specific needs. 

For instance, if a customer needs very tough rugs, we usually suggest materials such as sisal, wool, hemp, and even polypropylene if they need the rug to be outdoors all of the time.

Need more advice on your store’s rug?

If you think you still need help figuring out which rug to get for your store, get in touch with us! We’ve helped many shop owners find the right rugs for their establishments and we can do the same for you.

In fact, we can even craft bespoke rugs if that’s what you prefer. From the design to the actual production, we can handle it in a way that ensures you get just what you need.

Simply contact us and we can talk about what may be right for your situation!