The Rug Maker

About Us

Established in 1997, The Rug Maker has been catering the interior and architectural industry both locally and abroad with customized quality rugs. Our passion has always been rug customization, distinguishing ourselves as a local rug specialist whose designs are locally designed and developed. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized service to our clients, paying close attention to their needs from design to functionality of their desired rugs.

Possessing an extensive knowledge of the rug-making process as well as the interior and furnishing industry is part of our professional expertise. We also uphold ourselves on the ability to procure production solutions from a variety of superior manufacturers which we have conscientiously sourced for.

We use only high-quality materials to ensure our rugs are as luxurious as possible. This imbues our products with intrinsic value.

Most importantly, we are particular about the quality of our rugs, and are focused on achieving the designs clients most desire. Designs are conceptualized and continuously tweaked until it has met our clients’ requirements. Exclusivity is also one of  The Rug Maker's objectives in providing custom rug designing.

Our Belief

At The Rug Maker, we believe that a rug is a great accessory that completes the whole look of an interior space. Besides adding on to the aesthetic lure of a room, it also creates a sense of comfort and luxury. Furthermore, a rug is functionally advantageous as it absorbs sound and softens falls.

However, we are aware about the misconception that rugs are a hassle to clean and maintain. We recommend that a rug be vacuumed like a regular oor; and if stained, it can be removed with a carpet stain remover. To maintain a rug in its tip-top condition, it should be sent for professional cleaning once a year.


We have done projects that include the hospitality industry, as well as commercial and residences. Some of our portfolio includes Shangri La Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Braun Buffel, Macquarie Bank, Marina Bay Financial Tower, Flower Diamond Boutique, Lawry’s, Goodwood Residence, Cove Drive Sentosa, The Marq etc. We have also done several overseas projects such as Conrad Hotel in Bali, The Sukhothai Residences in Thailand, Nadayu Properties in Kuala Lumpur, Napa Valley Residence in San Francisco etc.


Though we offer a broad range of designs with varying sizes, you may need to commission a tailored version of chosen design specically customised for your space. To ensure that our rugs to your space or match your existing scheme, we will adjust the materials, colouring, size, shape and pattern of the rug. We can match any colour you give us and also customise complex shapes into order.

We understand that your space requires a unique and specially-crafted rug. That is why we make every effort to offer the ideal custom designed rugs in Singapore that meets your needs. While designing rugs, we consider your fabrics, existing architecture, artwork, space function and also your personality.

Our rug designs enhance the visual appeal and provide a sense of depth to your rooms. Our designed rugs have the ability to bring a sense of harmony to your house. Our professionals will work with you in choosing the perfect construction, thickness and materials, thus ensuring that you get the best quality.

With our personalised rugs, we will make sure that we provide the perfect finishing touch and ambience to every interior. At The Rug Maker, we will bring your dream designs to life.