8 Essential Decor Items for Home Office

When setting up a home office, it’s important to create a space that is not only functional but also inspiring and conducive to productivity. By customising your workspace, you can boost your productivity in surprising ways.

But how do you customise your workspace? Simply try decorating it and arranging it as you like! 

To get you started on this process, we’ll share some home office decor essentials that can help you create a more focused environment. These should help you craft the bespoke office space you need.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Concentrated young indian ethnicity woman sitting in comfortable adjustable ergonomic armchair with

An ergonomic desk and chair

Investing in a cosy and ergonomically designed office chair is invaluable since you spend considerable time seated in it. Why would you waste money on one that makes your back hurt?

A good ergonomic setup can do a lot to keep you comfortable while working – and this can only benefit your productivity. Discomfort can stifle your creative juices, make you irritable, or even compel you to leave your desk more often, interrupting your workflow.

Try looking at ergonomic chairs or even standing or height-adjustable tables. See what works best for you and supports your body properly.

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Filing or storage essentials 

Storage items such as file cabinets, file folders, and shelving units are all vital for the office. They’re where you keep the essential information you require for your work!

Today, you can get these storage essentials in all sorts of materials, colours, and designs. They can actually enhance the look of your office as well as its organisation.

Of course, the problem is that even these storage essentials can get cluttered and contribute to the messiness of your office. Fortunately, there are easy ways to fix that.

In particular, you can try to implement a proper filing system by differentiating documents through folder or label colours. This is a great way to keep your files practically ordered and easy on the eyes at the same time.

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A desk organiser

Your desk is another thing that you essentially have to stare at and use for just about the entirety of the time you’re in your office. That means you want it to look good and not hinder your work!

That’s why we think one of the must-have things for home office design is a good desk organiser. A good organiser can do a lot to keep your desk neat and tidy, which helps you maintain an efficient work environment.

Look for organisers that have exactly what you need. Check what needs to be sorted on your desk, whether those are pens or sticky notes, while keeping them easily accessible. 

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_White table clock, alarm on yellow background, top view

A clock

Clocks are office staples for obvious reasons. As it happens, they can also be pretty good decor as there is a wide variety of types, sizes and designs.

Try to find one that suits your office/space interior. Whether that’s a big wall clock or a desk clock, it can be both useful and ornamental if you choose right.

You can even try looking for clocks that meet specific needs, like clocks with multiple faces that you can set to different time zones if you do business with people in different parts of the world.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_2023 Event planner timetable agenda plan on schedule event

A calendar and planner

Both are imperative for operational efficiency in a home office! Calendars and planners keep your schedule organised and let you track important dates, deadlines, and more. 

But how do they contribute to the aesthetics of your home office? Well, among other things, calendars and planners can also be put on display. 

Many calendars, in particular, come with art so you can put them up as decorative objects. As for planners, you can actually slip things like leather covers on them to turn them into attractive pieces of desk decor when you’re not actually using them.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Cork board with office supplies, cup and plant in bottle vase on white background

A bulletin board

Bulletin boards are useful for jotting down quick notes, reminders, or important information. They’re visual aids that help with your organisation and keep both tasks and ideas visible.

A good way to use them, for instance, is to create lists on the board of things you need to do. Or you can use them as inspiration boards by putting up things like art, framed photos, or even motivational quotes.

Even if most of your bulletin board is taken up by schedule or task lists, actually, we’d generally recommend adding something that makes you feel positive to it. It can help you feel more productive, which is why boards are definitely cool things for a home office!

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Vases and pots

Using natural elements is one of the best things you can do for your office decor because it can help ease the sensation of being in a confined environment. Many people even feel that seeing plants eases their anxiety when at work.

Plus, plants can do a lot to improve air quality and some even add a scent to your office. Overall, it’s a great way to breathe life into your work environment – and usually without breaking the bank!

If you want ideas for plants to put in your home office, try the common indoor plants like snake plants and rubber plants. These are popular as indoor flora for a reason: they require fairly little maintenance and flourish even indoors.

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Office rugs

Think your home office still lacks a sort of focal point? Try defining that point (or points) with an area rug.

This is also a great way to add personality to your space while adding a new layer of comfort to the room. Whether you end up with a super-soft, super-plush rug or something a little more restrained pile-wise, it can still add a sense of cosiness that will help you feel less stressed while working.

The beauty of rugs too is that they can tie together the rest of your decor, so as long as you get a rug that has something – like a colour – in common with the rest of your furnishings, you can put together a coherent style.


Get started on decorating your home office today!

As you can see, a lot of home office essentials are actually decor items in their own right. They can be as functional as they are beautiful!

Just remember to base your selections on your needs. For instance, consider the supplies you need for your tasks when you work from home when thinking about storage. 

Or think about the amount of space you have available and choose furniture that’s sized correctly.

You can also set a limit to how much you can spend on each item from the start if you’re trying to implement home office decorating ideas on a budget. This can help you narrow down your options for each essential item.

And of course, think about what speaks most to you. Most people want a properly customised office that’s designed to suit their tastes and preferences. 

In fact, if you’re interested in that, contact us as we can get you started. We can design and make your own custom rug for your first home… and even give you more decor tips along the way!