5 Tips for Styling Your Dining Room

Having trouble decorating your dining room? That’s all right – many people do! 

Today, we’re here to help you figure out how to fix that problem. 

Here are our top 5 tips for decorating dining rooms. From using sculptural lighting to custom rugs in your interior decor, you’ll discover more about styling such rooms below.



1. Think about using sculptural lighting 

Lighting is critical in all decorative projects. 

You obviously want to arrange your dining room’s lighting to present the atmosphere you want as well as focus the eye on central pieces like your dining table. 

But you shouldn’t forget to think about the opportunity to use the source of light itself as a decorative piece. 

Sculptural lighting fixtures add an element of drama as well as interest to a dining room. However, try not to overdo it.

Using too many bold sculptural lighting fixtures can fracture the room’s focus. 

In the same way, getting the scale of the fixture wrong can ruin the balance of your room.


2. Add some flora 

Flora can do a lot to breathe life into a room. 

For one, plants often serve as spots of colour and interest. For another, there’s something naturally refreshing about greenery. 

It tends to relax most of us, which probably explains why companies investing in next-level workplace ergonomics and design have been adding greenery to their offices for some time now. 

Add a potted plant or vase of flowers to your dining room. Some flowers may even improve the room’s scent with their own fragrance. 

We’d recommend against picking ones with overly strong scents, though — you don’t want them to overwhelm the scent of the food itself!

And try to avoid putting too many on the dining table itself. Flora shouldn’t take up so much space that it becomes hard for you to pass dishes or see each other at the table.


3. Add art to the equation 

This is another thing that can really liven up a room. Paintings on the wall, for instance, can brighten up an otherwise plain space. 

They can serve as points of contrast or complementary style for your other decor. They can even help establish the ambience you want, such as by providing a serene landscape or an impression of plenty through a still-life cornucopia. 

Of course, this isn’t restricted to paintings! You can explore wall hangings, photographs, and even sculptures. All of these can be used to add further style to your dining room.


4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match some elements 

Assuming you’re not decorating in an eclectic interior decor style from the get-go, you’re probably wondering if you can do something like mix and match chairs at the dining table. You can, actually!

To make it work, you just need to keep the overall result cohesive. 

For example, even if you’re using chairs of different styles and materials, try to match their colours to the rest of your decor and each other. 

Or use chairs with different types of wood for the legs but the same shade of upholstery or fabric for the seat. 

You can even try to do something like establish regularity through irregular setups like these by pairing chairs on opposite sides of the dining table. 

For example, the chairs on the long sides of a rectangular table would match and the ones on the short sides would match each other too.


5. Use a rug for the focal point of your room 

A good rug can really establish the focal point of your room. 

It underlines the table visually, pointing the eye towards it in tandem with the lighting. 

It can also add an element of comfort to the setting. 

Just bear in mind that you do have to take care when picking a rug for dining rooms. 

For one, this is a high-traffic and high-spill area. It’s therefore best to get an easy-to-clean rug.

You should also make sure the design complements the rest of the decor and doesn’t clash with the table. 

If you need help finding a rug for your own dining room that ticks the right boxes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

We can actually make a bespoke rug that fits the bill perfectly, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on anything here. 

Just contact us and say what you need or let us do an assessment of your dining room. We’ll come up with the perfect custom rug for your situation.