The Lure of Bespoke Rugs: 5 Reasons You Need to Design Your Own Custom Rug

When it comes to decorating your home or desired space, there are a few items that can help you establish ownership of the place in an undeniable, impossible-to-ignore way. One such item is the custom rug.

Now, it’s true that a generic rug can also have a big impact on a space. A good rug, even if it’s mass-produced, can still help you express your personality in decor.

But it won’t leave that unique, unmistakable stamp that only a custom rug offers. And besides that, there are so many other reasons bespoke rugs are worth getting.

Today we’ll explore several key reasons why custom, quality rugs might be the perfect additions to your space when you need unique home accent pieces. This should show you why so many people are now getting these bespoke items too! 

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Personalised rug design from The Rug Maker1. Custom rugs offer personalised design

Obviously, we had to start with this! As we noted earlier, when you customise rugs, this allows you to create something unique that reflects your personal style while complementing your existing decor.

This makes a custom-made rug in Singapore desirable for several reasons. First, it means you don’t have to worry about the rug having an element that you don’t like. You also don’t have to worry about it clashing with your furniture in some way.

Second, when you design your own rug, there’s the matter of value.

Bespoke rugs have value simply by being impossible to find anywhere else. Rarity is one of the core predictors of value, after all, and it’s hard to be rarer than being the only one of your kind!

Plus, with such rugs, you have full control of what you get. You can specify your wants or needs to the maker, as our clients do to us, and feel at full liberty to express your tastes and personality in doing so.

Indeed, with The Rug Maker’s custom rug services, the design possibilities are endless. Consider the colours alone – you can choose from an extensive range, whether for matching or contrast. 

Plus, all of this is possible while retaining the advantages of traditional rugs over another personalised home decoration option: custom-printed rugs. To start with, the latter may be faster to make, but they tend to be less durable.

Rugs made with custom printing are also far less customisable than traditional rugs in size and materials. You can’t even create custom-shaped rugs or customise the pile depth for them! 

By comparison, we can craft specially shaped rugs to suit tricky spaces or corners. We can also customise the heights and textures of rugs’ piles, sometimes even carving them for a strikingly three-dimensional or embossed effect.

In short, the boundless options available to you with a custom rug give you true freedom of choice. And while this may seem overwhelming at first, we can help you make sense of it all.

At The Rug Maker, we help clients organise their preferences and needs in consultations to ensure we get the perfect concept. We guide them so that their rug design ideas come together in a cohesive plan that suits their home interior decor.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Comfortable room with a horizontal poster between niche with books2. Custom-size rugs guarantee the perfect fit

Unlike pre-made rugs, bespoke rugs can be tailored to fit your space perfectly, regardless of the space’s shape or size. This is especially important when you have irregularly shaped rooms or unusually sized ones. 

This becomes all the more relevant now as people struggle with space in their homes. More and more irregularly shaped rooms are showing up, which can make going with traditional round or four-sided rugs a bit difficult.

Being able to specify rug shape and fit matters too because some designs or patterns can give away a size mismatch when trimmed in the wrong area.

At The Rug Maker, we consider matters like that for our clients. We even assess the space and consider the design of the house where the rug will go!

The goal is to create a rug that harmonises seamlessly with its surroundings, not just in terms of design but also in its shape and size. And of course, there’s also the matter of purpose!

A rug designed to establish the area for a little nook will obviously be sized differently from a rug meant to go under a large dining room table. The best bedroom rug size for one person will be different from that for another.

Things like that matter when getting a rug, which is why we take our time helping clients figure out custom rug sizing and fitting. This way, we ensure the perfect fit by empowering them to decide on every detail.

This isn’t different from how made-to-measure carpets are crafted so their designs fit perfectly into a room instead of being trimmed in an awkward place. With careful crafting, rugs can be made to look perfectly fitted too.

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Modern living area room rug

3. Bespoke rugs let you enhance your comfort

Another nice thing about bespoke rugs is that you can specify the type of material or texture that you want for them! You no longer have to put up with a mismatch like the design you want being paired with the wrong texture, or vice versa.

We pointed it out before, but this is something you can’t achieve with other options – including custom-printed rugs and even higher-end non-custom rugs. That’s because those don’t typically offer many options for materials, textures, or piles.

With a custom rug, though, you can personalise even that. You can ask for a rug with more cushioning, for instance, if you want one that adds more comfort to a space. Or something with a shorter pile if you’re concerned about people tripping (plus maintenance and cleaning).

This allows you to get not just the right look but also the right feel for your rug. It goes from “what most people consider comfortable” to “what you or your family specifically consider comfortable” – and who wouldn’t want that?

Rugmaker_Blog-Piece_Stylish rug with pattern on floor in room, above view4. Bespoke quality rugs are a better long-term investment

While a custom rug may be more expensive than a pre-made rug, it also holds its value better. A bespoke rug is often a long-term investment that will last for many years to come.

Of course, the value of that investment does depend on your own choices for your custom rug. As an example, having yours made from the most expensive types of rug materials (like silk) will obviously yield a higher-value result.

If you’re working with us, we can actually show you how to choose a rug material in order to maximise your investment. But that actually goes beyond just finding the best rug material – and we can help you with all of that!

As explained earlier, a custom rug can be designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. That means better durability (and lower repair or replacement costs), which ultimately means better value retention in the long run.

Here are some other tips about what to consider when choosing a custom rug for investment:

  • Is the rug handcrafted or machine-made? The former are obviously higher-value and often show better craftsmanship when done by good rugmakers. That typically results in better durability – which is why most custom rugs are handcrafted!
  • What is the rug’s knot density? The knot density refers to the number of knots per square inch of the rug. Higher is usually better-quality and more durable, which is why most people getting bespoke pieces request higher knot densities. Most mass-market rugs, by comparison, have low knot density.
  • Do you have the means to clean or maintain the rug properly? A rug only keeps its value if it’s treated and maintained well. Fortunately, we can simplify this concern for you, as we’re also known for our cleaning and care services for designer rugs in Singapore.


Additionally, a custom rug can be designed with a classic design that has timeless appeal, which means that you never have to worry about it going out of style. 

This means that style-savvy homeowners won’t have to worry about replacing rugs to avoid looking outdated and have the security of knowing that another part of their rug will weather the years well.

5.You can design your own rug for increased safety

Not all cheap, premade rugs come with anti-slip backing. However, this is an important feature that you might need, depending on your family. If you have kids or elderly folk at home, for instance, you absolutely need this!

You can ask rug makers to add anti-slip backing to bespoke rugs. This can reduce the risk of slips and falls, and even add slightly to the cushioning effect of the rug.

Ultimately, it’s great for ensuring that the rug stays in place and does not move or slide around. It can also help to protect the floor underneath the rug from scratches or damage caused by the rug’s movement.

A good rug can also act as a protective layer for your flooring. It prevents scratches to the floor from furniture movement or foot traffic. This means it keeps not just you but your flooring safe!

Oh, and as an added bonus, you can even have a rug designed to accommodate unique needs like those of children. For example, you can request that a rug be created with non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials (as well as playful designs).

By putting such a rug in your child’s playroom, you can enhance your child’s safety, minimising the risk of bruises from hard falls and accidents when they play.

Discover the joys of owning your own custom rug now

From all this, it’s clear that bespoke rugs have an edge over ordinary ones when it comes to personalising spaces. If you want to learn more about the differences between them, check out our article on the topic!

Or, if you’re already interested in getting your own custom rug, contact us. We can design and make a bespoke rug for your first home… and even give you more decor tips along the way!