5 Interior Decor Trends for 2022

There’s no question that almost every aspect of our lives has changed since the world was hit by the pandemic, from how we interact with other people to the way we use our homes. 

Before, for most of us, our homes were simply a place where we could rest after work and unwind on weekends. 

However, for the past 2 years, our homes have become a place for work, education, entertainment, fitness, and everything else in between. 

The pandemic has surely forced us to re-examine our ideas of home and what it should look like, encouraging many to redesign and redecorate their spaces. 

If you’re planning to welcome 2022 with new interior decors, we’ll help you out! Read on to find out the 5 interior design trends that we can anticipate to see more of this year.

1. Multi-purpose spaces

In 2022, single-use spaces may become a thing of the past! 

As the pandemic continues to shift the way we use our space, versatility can save us a lot of money when decorating and redecorating.  

First off, consider investing in convertible furniture pieces like sofa beds, fold-away desks, and reclining chairs to conserve space. Who says it’s not possible to sleep comfortably on a sofa?

For those living in urban cities like Singapore, our lives are becoming more compact day by day. 

Living in small apartments and houses requires us to make the most out of every space, even if that means turning our bedroom into an entertainment room!

We may be almost 2 years into the pandemic, but the home office setup isn’t going anywhere. Find a space where you can focus and be productive, whether it’s your bedroom or living room. 

Nothing wrong if your bedroom doubles as the home office! What’s important is to have a conducive workspace that allows us to concentrate on our work.

2. Minimalism

Minimalism has always been an interesting interior design trend, but expect to see more of it this 2022! Obviously, the pandemic is partly the reason why. 

During lockdowns, many people purged their homes of clutter and other unnecessary belongings, including wardrobe and furniture pieces, to free up space and improve indoor ventilation (and fight the boredom!).  

Minimalism, when done right, can make anyone feel calmer and more at peace at home, especially now that we likely have to spend more time inside this year. 

Decluttering our space can be a relaxing habit – at least that’s what many of us learned throughout the pandemic!

3. Living with nature

Being forced to stay home made us realise how important our environment is and how we had been taking it for granted. 

As we continue to observe movement restrictions, many people are finding ways to bring the elements of nature inside their homes. 

We first saw friends becoming plant lovers in the first months of the pandemic, filling every corner of their apartments with potted plants. Good news is, it’s the trend that’s likely to stick around this year!

Some are even taking up a notch by starting a home garden! Besides warming up the space, plants can purify indoor air and reduce our stress level and improve our outlook on work

The mere presence of these small indoor plants comes with a huge impact not only on our mental health but also our professional lives. 

4. Natural materials

We’re not surprised to discover that natural and sustainable materials will gain more popularity in 2022!

After what we’ve experienced throughout the pandemic, we’ve become more conscious of how our every move impacts our environment and our future. 

And yes, even the materials used in our furniture pieces can affect the environment. That’s why homeowners and interior designers are going with natural materials like wood, linen, cotton, and brick.

Other organic materials to consider are stone, granite, and marble for a classier and more modern feel at home. 

Furniture designers are even starting to adopt the model of sustainability into their pieces, with some using reclaimed wood, cork, bamboo, and recycled plastics.

5. Comfort and durability

Comfort and durability are far from being a new interior design trend, but they will become more popular in 2022 as we continue to spend more time indoors. 

We’ll definitely see more furniture pieces and interior decors that focus on comfort and functionality while remaining pleasing to the eyes. 

One best example to cosy up our homes is by adding custom rugs. Apart from pulling a space together, custom rugs protect our floors from damage and reduce indoor noise. 

Custom rugs can improve indoor air circulation too! They act as natural filters that trap allergens and keep the air circulation clean. 

Plus, you get to pick the design of your area rugs, so you can have one that speaks of your personality while matching the existing interior decors.

Welcoming 2022 with interior design

That sums up our list of interior design trends in 2022 to consider as you redecorate your home for the new year!

Keep in mind that there’s no absolute right way to design a home. There are guidelines you can follow, but at the end of the day, what matters is that you create a home where you feel comfortable and safe.

And of course, if you’re interested in adding custom rugs to your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We can design and make just for your space and even give you more decor tips along the way!