12 Simple Tricks to Make Your Living Room More Cozy

Feel like your living room is still a little impersonal? That’s a common issue for new decorators or homeowners. 

They want their living rooms to be more inviting and comfy but don’t know how to do it without making it claustrophobic at the same time.

Luckily for you, we have interior decor suggestions that can help. Here are a dozen that can surely help you add warmth and comfort to your interiors!

1. Use warm lighting 

Warm lighting can do a lot to add comfort to a room. 

Cool lighting can feel too sterile, which takes away a lot of the homey feeling you want to achieve. 

Try to look for lamps and lights with yellow light (around 3,000 Kelvin), to bathe your room in a more inviting, golden glow.

2.Add more soft surfaces to the room 

Soft surfaces help a room both visually and tactilely. 

Consider a sofa, for instance. It doesn’t just soften the room’s looks but also invites people to come in and sit down. 

A nice rug with a deep pile is the same. It can offer an invitation to come in and sink one’s feet into it, to feel the softness one sees.

3. Add a scent to it by using candles and diffusers

Remember that scent is another sense you can work to your advantage. 

Besides keeping the room smelling clean, try adding scents to it to establish a comfy atmosphere. For instance, add scented candles to the room to give it added appeal.

4. Add plants to freshen up the space with an organic feel

Plants add an organic, fresh feeling to any room. 

The right ones can even help purify the air we breathe, so there’s more than one reason to get them! 

Look for plants that are easy to care for indoors. Keep them by the windows, of course!

5. Consider eschewing the single-overhead-light style

It’s popular, but it doesn’t actually work that well for living rooms. It can make for an uncomfortable focus on the centre, which is better for rooms where there’s really one clear focus, like dining tables in dining rooms. 

Instead, try spreading clusters of light around the room. Go for a diffuse, mellow glow that offers soft but warm illumination.

6. Use textiles to add softness and break up monotony

Use wall-hangings, draperies, and even throws on your seating. Textiles soften a room and add texture to it. 

They can also help mitigate the coolness of smooth surfaces like tile and wood, so they’re particularly good when displayed in contrast to such surfaces.

7. Pile pillows around the room for visual and practical appeal

Everyone associates pillows with comfort. Might as well use them for your living room, then! 

Pile them on your seating or even in a corner. You can put spare pillows out of the way but still on display by putting them in open boxes or baskets. 

8. Make use of texture by appealing to people’s sense of touch

When choosing decor, think of the effect texture can have. Use the sense of touch to give a room a warmer feel.

In particular, you should choose textures that feel good against the skin. Velvety fabrics, warm knits, chunky blankets, and the like are all good options. 

You can apply this tip to a lot of objects, from upholstery to pillows. Just look for things that you think you’d like to touch, yourself!

9. Look for warm-tinted decor and furniture

This tip is pretty easy. For instance, most wooden furniture looks warm from the start, so you just need to add wooden tones and objects to a room.

You can also look for items made of brass, warm brown leathers, and the like.

10. Hang things on your walls to break up their sterile, blank look

  • Blank walls can be very cold-looking. All the more if they’re painted a cool colour. 
  • Soften them with artwork, shelves, or mirrors. This also makes a room look more lived-in, which helps people feel more comfortable in it. 

11. Check your acoustics so the room doesn’t sound “cold”

Decorating isn’t just about visuals. As we pointed out before, other senses come into play, so textures and even scents should be considered.

To add to that, you should think about sound. You see, even the acoustics of a room can make it feel colder. 

For instance, if there’s a faint echo to sound in the room, it can feel very impersonal. Soften this by adding decor or drapes that absorb sound and get rid of the hollow echoes.

12. Decorate the floors strategically

People tend to forget the floors, but they’re integral to a room’s look and feel. 

We already mentioned this when talking about adding soft items to a living room. But it’s worth noting that floor decor can do so much for your interior decor than add softness to it. 

Rugs can split up rooms into separate areas, for example. They can indicate areas of focus and interest. 

A sufficiently glamorous or unique rug can even make a room downright opulent. 

You’d likely need something like a custom area rug for that, though. 

Fortunately, there are many types of carpets and rugs you can try for your decoration now, whatever look you may be trying to achieve. 

If you like the idea, get in touch with us and we can help you find the perfect rug for your living room.

We can even make a custom rug for your needs, if you like!