Care & Cleaning

The beauty and life of your rug depends on the care it receives. A good quality rug that is well maintained should last 10 years or more. Proper cleaning will keep it looking great for its full lifetime.

Maintaining your rug also protects your wallet and the environment. The right cleaning helps to safeguard your rug investment by keeping it from having to be replaced before its time.

Cleaning your carpet the right way is easier than you think. As a rule of thumb, you should vacuum at least once a week. However, the more foot traffic over your rug, the more you should vacuum.

The general formula is:

  • Vacuum daily in high-traffic or pet areas.
  • Vacuum twice weekly in medium-traffic areas.
  • Vacuum weekly in light-traffic areas.

Professional cleaning should be done once to twice a year to remove embedded dirt and grime.

What about stains you might ask?

At The Rug Maker, we provide you with a spot cleaner which allows you to respond quickly to stains. This will assist you in stain reduction and increase the likelihood of complete stain removal when professionals are called in.