Into The Rabbit Hole


The Rabbit Hole is a conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. Usually, venturing into the Rabbit Hole is an analogy of one leaving the comfort zone and entering a portal into a magical and whimsical world. It is often referred to the story, Alice in Wonderland. Choosing to go into the rabbit hole expecting surprises and the changes is the story of our collection. This is The Rug Maker’s first ever collection and we hope you enjoy!


The array of colours signify the magical and whimsical world we are about to enter.


Entering this new world, little is known. Understanding this new world is a challenging task.


There are rules to follow. Much is already fixed in place but there must be room for flexibility.


Conflict raged within between ideals and realities.


After deliberation, a bridge between ideals and realities begin to form.


Descending down a spiraling path.


World with infinite possibilities has just begun.